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Get world-class care and one-on-one time with our specialists during a complimentary consultation.

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For orthodontic patients,you will:

  • Step 1 - Meet our Treatment Coordinator who will take photos and scans of your smile.
  • Step 2 - See your future smile with our Smile Simulation.
  • Step 3 - Receive a custom treatment plan from Dr. Barillas, and have time to discuss your treatment - and payment - options with her.


For dental patients, you will:

  • Step 1 - Be greeted by our dental staff who will take radiographs of your smile and give your teeth a thorough cleaning.
  • Step 2 - Have a discussion with Dr. Sanchez to address your dental needs.
  • Step 3 - Get time to ask questions about treatment, and explore our flexible payment plans.


what happens next?

If you need both dental and orthodontic care, you can take advantage of the fact that we are an integrated team. Dr. Barillas and Dr. Sanchez work seamlessly together to provide you with your very best smile.