CEREC® Same Day Crowns

CEREC® Same Day Crowns

CEREC same-day crowns utilize advanced CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology to enable dentists to design, create, and place dental crowns in a single visit. This innovative system replaces traditional methods that require multiple appointments over several weeks. It begins with a digital tooth scan, which is used to create a 3D model on a computer screen. The crown is then milled from a solid block of ceramic material right in the dental office, ensuring precise customization to match the natural color and shape of the patient's tooth. Once milled, the crown is polished and placed on the prepared tooth, providing a durable, aesthetically pleasing restoration in just a few hours, offering patients convenience, accuracy, and immediate results. 

Who Can Benefit from CEREC Same-Day Crowns? 

  • Professionals and individuals with hectic schedules appreciate the efficiency of CEREC crowns. They can complete the entire process in one visit, minimizing time away from work or other commitments. 
  • For those who experience anxiety or discomfort during dental procedures, CEREC same-day crowns reduce the number of appointments and overall time spent in the dental chair, making the experience more manageable and less stressful. 
  • Patients requiring immediate restoration due to a broken tooth, large filling, or decay can benefit from CEREC crowns, as they provide a quick and effective solution without needing temporary crowns or prolonged discomfort. 
  • Whether for aesthetic enhancement, functional restoration, or replacement of existing crowns, CEREC technology offers precise customization and a natural appearance, catering to the diverse needs of patients seeking dental restorations. 
  • Individuals who prioritize convenience and aesthetic appeal appreciate CEREC crowns for their ability to deliver a durable, tooth-colored restoration that blends seamlessly with natural teeth, enhancing both smile aesthetics and overall oral health. 

How CEREC Same-Day Crowns Work

Digital Impressions

  • The process begins with the dentist using an intraoral scanner to capture digital impressions of the tooth or teeth that require crowns. This scanner replaces traditional impression materials, providing a more comfortable experience for the patient. 
  • The scanner generates a precise 3D image of the tooth and surrounding structures, instantly displayed on a computer screen in the dental office. 

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

  • The dentist meticulously designs the crown using specialized CAD software based on the digital impressions. They can customize the crown's shape, size, and contours to fit the patient's tooth anatomy and bite precisely. 
  • CAD technology allows the dentist to make real-time adjustments to the crown design, ensuring optimal aesthetics and functionality. This includes considerations for bite alignment and natural tooth color matching. 

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

  • Once the crown design is finalized on the computer, the CAD data is sent to a milling unit within the dental office. The milling machine uses diamond-tipped instruments to sculpt the crown from a solid block of ceramic material. 
  • The CAM system operates with high precision and is guided by CAD specifications. It mills the ceramic material into the exact shape and dimensions of the dental crown, ensuring accuracy down to micrometer levels. 

Finishing and Polishing

  • After milling, the dentist performs any necessary final adjustments to the crown to ensure a precise fit and proper bite alignment. This may involve smoothing rough edges or refining the surface texture. 
  • The crown is polished and glazed to achieve a natural appearance that matches the patient's surrounding teeth. This step enhances the crown's aesthetic appeal and smoothness. 

Bonding the Crown

  • Once completed, the crown is ready for immediate placement in the patient's mouth. The dentist carefully bonds the crown to the prepared tooth using dental adhesive or cement. 
  • The dentist ensures the crown fits comfortably and does not interfere with the patient's bite. Any final adjustments are made to achieve optimal comfort and functionality. 

Completion in a Single Visit

  • Unlike traditional crown procedures, which require multiple visits and temporary crowns, CEREC same-day crowns are fabricated and placed during a single dental appointment. 

The Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns 

Time-Saving Convenience

Unlike traditional crowns, which require multiple visits spread over weeks, CEREC crowns are completed in a single appointment. This eliminates the need for temporary crowns and minimizes disruption to daily schedules, making them ideal for busy individuals. 

Precision and Accuracy

Utilizing advanced CAD/CAM technology, CEREC ensures precise digital impressions and custom-designed crowns that fit seamlessly with the patient's natural teeth. This technology enhances comfort and minimizes the risk of complications often associated with traditional crown procedures. 

Natural Aesthetics

Crafted from high-quality ceramic materials, CEREC crowns closely resemble natural teeth in appearance and function. Dentists can match the color and shape of the crown to blend harmoniously with the patient's smile, enhancing overall facial aesthetics and confidence. 

Improved Comfort

With no need for temporary crowns, patients experience minimal discomfort and reduced sensitivity during the procedure. The precise fit of CEREC crowns also contributes to better oral function and long-term comfort. 

Durability and Longevity

CEREC crowns are durable and resilient to wear, offering lasting functionality and strength comparable to traditional crowns. This durability ensures that patients can confidently enjoy their restored smile for many years with proper care. 

CEREC same-day crowns represent a significant advancement in dental technology, offering patients a streamlined, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing option for dental restorations. Visit Dental Specialists of New York PC at 150 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10155, 110 York Street Brooklyn, NY 11201, or 476 48th Street, 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11220, to learn about the benefits of CEREC technology and how it can transform your smile in just one visit. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at (212) 661-2192. 


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