dental surgery

Guided dental implant surgery

The X-Guide System is a revolutionary new technology that allows Dr. Sanchez to place dental implants at exact specifications of position, angle, and depth.

The X-Guide 3D Navigation System

The X-Guide System shows Dr. Sanchez, in real time, where his surgical drill is, and the path he needs to take to ensure exact implant placement. This makes dental implant surgery safer and faster than ever before.

Dental surgery

Guided implant surgery benefits

Using the X-Guide System for dental implants mean our patients benefit from:

  • Precise implant placement
  • Less risk for complications
  • Faster and more comfortable implant surgery
  • Reduced need for bone grafts
  • High quality restorations with exact specifications

Dental surgery

Trust the precision of computer-guided surgery

Experience the very best dental surgery has to offer with the X-Guide System for dental implants. Ask about this option at your free consultation with Dr. Sanchez.

Dental surgery