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laser dentistry therapy

Why we use laser dentistry therapy

Laser dentistry is extremely effective at reducing the bacteria that cause periodontal or gum diseases, at times even preventing the need for more advanced surgery. Other uses include treating cold sores and herpes flare-ups, as well tooth sensitivity from gum recession.

Laser dentistry therapy

Why diode lasers?

Diode lasers are efficient, minimally invasive and very effective in soft tissue procedures. They also cauterize treatment areas, which helps reduce swelling and recovery time.

Laser dentistry therapy

Does laser treatment hurt?

Laser treatment does not hurt. Depending on the case, we will numb your mouth with local anesthetic so you will not feel the procedure. Many of our patients find laser treatment preferable to other dental procedures because there isn’t any pressure or vibration involved.

Laser dentistry therapy

Laser precision for a healthy smile.

Laser treatment allows us to efficiently treat a multitude of periodontal issues that could otherwise require invasive procedures. Find out if laser treatment could benefit your smile.

Laser dentistry therapy